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MaxLight Custom Pre-Inked Stamp - MAX-55Z

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Design Your Own MaxLight Custom Pre-Inked Stamp - MAX-55Z

Create a unique professional looking product with ease:

  • Follow a short guided design process
  • Add your personal information to make your product unique to you
  • Review a full virtual proof to make sure your product looks perfect
  • Boom, your unique design is ready to be made!

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* Choose your quantity after creating your design.

This stamp body contains the ink (choose your color) and can be refilled. There is no need for an ink pad either inside or separate from the machine and the strength of the machine itself lends to very easy use.

Design SKU: scratch-MAX-55Z


MaxLight Custom Pre-Inked Stamp - MAX-55Z

A long, narrow stamp perfect for Notary commission expiration or signatures! The stamp measures approx 0.18" x 2.5" and is available in your choice of 5 ink colors.

  • Impression size: 0.18" x 2.5"
  • Good for thousands of impressions
  • Available in 5 ink color options: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple
  • MaxLight by Trodat

Please make sure to store your stamp with the cover on, standing like normal (do not lay it down) to assure the best impression each time. If you let your stamp sit sideways too long simply leave it standing upright for 24 hours to have the ink flow through the pores again.