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98% of orders ship in 2 business days

Order Custom Trophies

Choose from our selection of quality trophy awards! Shop customizable small, medium and large trophy options for all of your business, team or scholastic awards. Your order ships next business day!

Design Your Own Custom Trophy

Prepare for your next award ceremony by ordering from our custom trophy selections. With multiple sizes available, you can provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies for all types of competitions. These traditional trophies will feature the text you choose, whether that be a contest title or finalist's first name. Each one can be tailored to the recipient.

Choose from trophies featuring cups, stars, torch bearers and other designs. Perfect for everything from academic achievements to sports championships. Individual trophies include customizable plaque for you to add the recipient's name, award type, or where competitors place. Award your team for going for the gold with a professionally made trophy from CorpConnect!