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Buy Corporate Seals & Custom Logo Embossers

Shop corporate seals and custom embossers, customizable and perfect for any business! Choose from our high-quality selection of design your own and template designs to create your very own business seal. Explore affordable impressions for non-profits, LLCs, logos, and company seals!

Corporate, LLC & Nonprofit Company Seals & Custom Embossers

Get 20% off with coupon code CORPSTAMP20 at checkout! Corp Connect's line of corporate seals and custom embossers are ideal for any professional. We offer seal templates for corporations, non-profit organizations, and limited liability companies or LLCs. Designed for 20 lb. paper, Corp Connect's corporate seal embossers have plates made of high-quality and durable Delrin plastic. Our line of embossers allow you to customize your corporate seal in order to leave raised impressions, but if you aren't looking for embossers, then order a Corporate Seal Stamp to leave crisp, clean ink impressions on your documents.

FAQ About Company Seals and Embossers

  • Q. What is a Corporate Seal?
    A. A company seal, business seal, or corporate seal is a marking put on documents to show authenticity, official certification, or approval by executives.
  • Q. What is a Corporate Seal Used For?
    A. Embossing or stamping your corporate seal on a document shows not only that it is authentic but also displays your company's heightened level of professionalism.
  • Q. How Do I Make a Corporate Seal?
    A. Shop our template options or start from scratch. Add your business's required information into the appropriate boxes, and for custom seal embossers, simply upload your image!
  • Q. Are there Different Types of Professional Seals?
    A. We offer seal templates for corporations, non-profit organizations, and limited liability companies or LLCs. As well as library, monogram, and logo embossers.

We also offer a variety of custom embossers for multiple uses. Mark your property with a personalized book embosser; upload your company's brand to a custom logo embosser; place your company seal on a stock certificate; or easily leave your return address with our initials monogram embosser. Perfect for personal or professional use, Corp Connect's line of corporate seal embossers are crafted of the highest quality materials and with superb craftsmanship.