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Frequently Asked Questions

As an appointed notary or state professional, you're required to keep certain supplies on-hand. To ensure you order the seals and supplies you need for your discipline, we've provided the following frequently asked questions to help guide you in the ordering process.

About Our Products

What is the difference between a self-inking and pre-inked stamp?

In a self-inking stamp, the ink pad works with the dye to leave an impression, then retracts back into the stamp body. With a pre-inked stamp, the ink is inside of the stamp, so the only time you’ll see your stamp’s ink is when it’s already on your surface. A pre-inked stamp is also a lot quieter than a self-inking stamp, and it comes with a stamp cap so your ink doesn’t dry up over time. Pre-inked stamps are recommended for the best detail and will last much longer before needing to be re-inked.

What ink colors are available for my stamp?

A variety of ink colors are available depending on the stamp you are ordering. Available colors will show in a dropdown menu on the ordering page.

What is the difference between the Eco Binder, Deluxe Binder, Portfolio Binder, and Attaché?

All of the binders are made for holding corporate minute information. If these are the complete kits, they include the same items: a company seal, 3 D-rings, tab dividers, transfer stocks, minute paper, bylaws (corporate books only), and a transfer log.

What is the difference between a stamp and an embosser?

A stamp leaves a flat ink impression on paper. An embosser crimps the paper to leave an impression and does not use ink. More information can be found in our blog about ordering an embosser.

Can I order parts for my supplies?

We do not offer replacement parts or repairs. Please use our Contact Form to let us know what item you are needing replaced and we can direct you to the right replacement product for you.

Placing Your Order


Below are some general concerns you may have when placing your order.

How can I see a proof of my stamp or embosser?

Proofs can be requested during checkout by using the Comments box. This is located on the last checkout page. Proofs may result in a delay in order processing. Rest assured that we will not produce your stamp until you have given your final approval.

Do I need to send in my notary certificate?

This depends on your state. Certificates are required for the states of AZ, GA, MO, MT, NE, ND, OR, UT, and WA. This can be uploaded on the ordering page. Notaries for the state of West Virginia will be required to upload the letter of appointment with the notary image. Notaries for the state of California are required to provide the original certificate of authorization. This will then be mailed to the Secretary of State. If you do not have your original certificate, an additional can be ordered through the state.

How long will my order take?

Most orders are able to ship by the next business day. When checking out, you will be given the opportunity to choose from available delivery dates. Proof requests, large orders, or errors with your certificate can delay your order.

Where do I find information for my stocks/kits? 

The information on your kit should be available in your articles of incorporation for corporate orders or in the articles of organization for LLCs.

I am ordering several of the same items. Do I have to enter each name?

In order to ensure accurate processing, each name must be entered individually.


Returning Customers


For previous customers, you may have concerns about the changes to the site.

Is Corporate Connection closing? 

Not at all! Corporate Connection is now part of the Holmes Custom family of brands. You will now have access to a larger selection of items, quicker delivery dates, and a more convenient online ordering system.

Am I able to pick up my order? 

Local pick up will not be available, but we do have a variety of shipping options. Certain orders may also qualify for free shipping. Your available options and prices will be displayed for you when you are checking out. We have three locations across the United States. See more about our locations here.

The item I usually order is not on your new site, how can I order this? 

We are constantly adding new items to our site! If the item you are needing is not currently online, please use our Contact Form to let us know what you are looking for. Our Customer Focus Team will assist in placing your order offline.