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Order a Corporate Kit at Corp Connect

Shop customized corporate kits with stock certificates, transfer ledgers, bylaws, minutes and everything else you need to keep important records! Customize your corporate kit with your business name and enjoy a speedy delivery with our next business day shipping!

Corporate Kits | Stock and Membership Certificates

Corp Connect’s selection of corporate kits is specially designed for S-Corps, C-Corps, LLCs, and nonprofit organizations. Our personalized corporate kits are ideal for keeping your organization’s important documents, certificates, and records efficiently organized. Offering several custom options, our corporate seal kits are made to order for you. Order a custom seal kit with a convenient binder to keep your operation agreements, bylaws and official documents together.

We also offer a complete assortment of premium quality blank and personalized Stock Certificates and nonprofit membership certificates for easily printing your official stock and membership documents, and our selection of Company Awards and custom plaques are perfect for showing investor, member, or employee appreciation.

What Is a Corporate Kit?

A corporate kit is a customized binder with your company name that is used to keep all of your records secure for your limited liability (LLC) or corporation company. Each kit includes a 3 ring binder, by-laws, minutes, stock certificates, transfer ledger, index dividers, and a metal corporate seal customized with your company name and year incorporated. Use the seal to validate all of your important documents. Complete your kit today!