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Career & Service Recognition Awards

Work anniversaries and retirement are momentous occasions that should be celebrated for all of your employees! Choose from yearly milestones and retirement awards to find the right way to recognize and award your long-time employees! Your order ships next business day!

Employment Service Awards

It is a wonderful accomplishment to celebrate a work anniversary. Whether your employees have been in their position for 5, 10, 15, or 30 years, it is something to be proud of. A work anniversary shows that your staff members are seasoned professionals and can be entrusted in their line of work. It is the company’s job to commemorate this momentous occasion with a gift. Personalizing a plaque, clock, glass or crystal award, makes a great present for your work veterans.

Retirement Awards

One of the most awaited events in an adult’s life happens to be retirement. After working the majority of your life, being retired means it is time to focus on you. Give a gift to your new retiree to say congratulations. Corp Connect offers a variety of awards, including acrylic, clock, art glass and crystal. Personalizing one of these preferred gifts will act as a great remembrance of their past careers.