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From the Library Embosser

Our personalized "From the Library Of" embosser allows you to mark your property with your name to ensure your books find their way back to you.

  • For use on 20 lb. paper or stationery only

Item #:1010707

Design SKU: MP-105

From the Library Embosser

From the Library Embosser

Mark your library property with a custom "From the Library Of" embosser from Corp Connect. This personalized library embosser allows you to remind readers where to return your books. Keep your professional or personal library organized and stocked with this fun custom book embosser customized with your name!

  • For use on 20 lb. paper or stationery only
  • This book embosser comes personalized with your name!
  • Embossing plate available in two sizes
  • Variety of pocket and desk body styles
  • Embossing plate made of high-quality delrin plastic
  • Optional inker and foil stickers available
  • Recommended for up to 20 lb. paper