Corporate, LLC & Nonprofit Stock Certificates

A stock certificate is a form that states established ownership of a number of shares in a corporation's stock. These important documents show a number of shares or units an individual has purchased and serves as an official certificate of ownership or membership in a corporation, non-profit, LLP, or (LLC). Corp Connect's corporate stock certificates make record keeping easy. Available as customized templates or blank, our stock certificates are perfect for companies to easily keep track of units sold. You can also get stock certificates as part of a corporate kit. If you need to order more of the same certificates you already have, be sure to check the ID number, which is usually found in the lower left corner of the form. Some certificates, however, may have the ID number on the back. Check carefully to make sure you order the correct certificates.

Corp Connect offers blank stock certificates and custom printed certificates that can feature your company name. Here you will find LLC, Corporation and Non-profit certificates from GOES, Duke and BLUTO. If you have questions about our stock certificates, contact our Customer Focus Team! We are glad to assist you.