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Xstamper Secure Stamper Small Kit

Obscure personal information from prying eyes with our secure stamper kit. This set is the ideal combination of supplies for blocking out all your sensitive material.

Set includes:

  • Secure Xstamper – 1 5/8” x ½”
  • Redacting Marker Pen

Item #:1011200


Xstamper Secure Stamper Small Kit


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Customized in the USA

Xstamper Secure Stamper Small Kit

Our Xstamper Secure Stamp & Redacting Marker Pen are the best combination for keeping information concealed! These premium tools use a special black ink that conceals your personal data. The Xstamper secure stamp and pen are perfect for hiding restricted information.

Set Details:

  • Secure Xstamper measuring 1 5/8" x 1/2"
  • Redacting Marker Pen