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Plaque Plate Custom Address Stamp

Inspired by the type of plaque embellishment one might find on a trophy, this custom address stamp is perfect for all of your outgoing mail. Available in a multitude of sizes and ink colors, this design plaque design will be a simple and classic addition to any of your letters. With its classic design and bold eye catching font, this high quality custom address stamp will be sure to get your mail noticed by those who matter most! Order yours today! Standard size is 1" x 2.5" but larger sizes are available!


Design SKU: BORE_1014
Plaque Plate Custom Address Stamp

Simple and sophisticated, this Plaque Plate Custom Address Stamp is reminiscent of a plaque on a trophy. It is not flashy nor does it come with excessive frills or scrolls, but it is still stylish none the less. Adorn to all your outgoing mail and correspondence.

Plaque Plate Custom Address Stamp